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Professor Thiago Teixeira Pegado is an impressive figure in the world of strength and conditioning, particularly within the realm of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). With a diverse background that encompasses military service, academic achievement, and extensive experience in martial arts, he brings a unique perspective to athlete training and development.

As a former Sergeant in the Brazilian Army, Professor Thiago spent seven years leading physical and shooting training for new recruits. This experience undoubtedly instilled in him a deep understanding of discipline, perseverance, and physical fitness, qualities that are invaluable in both military service and athletic training.

Simultaneously, Professor Thiago pursued his academic interests, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, Certificate IV in Fitness, Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management and many other qualifications in the fitness industry. This educational foundation likely provided him with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to excel in the field of strength and conditioning.

Moreover, Professor Thiago’s personal journey as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt further solidifies his expertise in combat sports. His firsthand experience in training and competing at a high level gives him valuable insights into the specific physical and mental demands of these disciplines.

Through his roles as a strength and conditioning coach and martial arts practitioner, Professor Thiago has earned sponsorships from reputable organizations such as the New Zealand Warriors, Autex Acoustics, Red Belt Nutrition, and Optimum CBD. These sponsorships not only attest to his credibility and expertise but also reflect his ability to deliver results for athletes and teams.

In summary, Professor Thiago Teixeira Pegado embodies a multifaceted approach to training and coaching, drawing upon his military background, academic qualifications, and extensive experience in martial arts. His dedication to optimizing athletic performance and his track record of success make him a respected figure in the realm of strength and conditioning, particularly within the context of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA.

Professor Thiago’s Qualifications
  • Degree in Physical Education
  • Certificate III in Business
  • Certificate IV in Marketing
  • Diploma in Management
  • Certificate II, III, IV & Diploma in Sports Coaching
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness
  • Advanced Diploma in Leadership & Management
  • Group Training Specialisation
  • Community Coaching
  • Program Specialisation
  • COVID Safe Martial Arts Instructor Certificate
  • PCYC QLD COVID Safe Plan for Clubs
  • PCYC QLD Infection Control Training
  • PCYC Code of Conduct Refresher
  • PCYC Child and Youth Risk Management
  • PCYC Individual Healthy and Safety Commitment
  • PCYC Child Protection


1 x QLD State 3rd Place Gi  2022

1 x QLD State 2nd Place No-Gi 2022

1 x Victoria State 2nd Place Gi 2022 

1 x Victoria State 2nd Plane No-Gi Open Weight Division 

1 x Victoria State Champion No-Gi 2022 

1 x Australian National Champion No-Gi 2022 

1 x Australian National 2nd Place Gi 2022

1 x ABJJC Super Fight Champion Gold Coast 2021 x Daniel Castle

1 x QLD State Champion Gi 2021

1 x QLD State Champion No-Gi 2021

1 x QLD Bjj Circuit Open Weight Master Champion 2021

1 x QLD Bjj Circuit Light Weight Master 2nd Place 2021

1 x BarraFit Games Oceania Champion 2018

2 x Abu Dabhi Pro 2nd Place

2 x NSW Sates Championship 2nd Place

2 x QLD States Championship 2nd Place

1 x Pan Pacific NoGi 2nd place


Coach Kaue is a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, boasting nine years of dedicated training in the discipline. Alongside his extensive experience on the mats, he holds a diploma in sports coaching, showcasing his commitment to honing his craft.

His teaching prowess shines brightly as he effortlessly imparts knowledge on jiu-jitsu techniques, breathing methods, and flexibility exercises. More than just an instructor, Coach Kaue embodies the principles he teaches, leading by example with his dedication to a healthy lifestyle.

A true competitor at heart, Coach Kaue’s passion for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu serves as a beacon of inspiration for all students at Virtue. His unwavering enthusiasm for the sport fuels motivation within the academy, fostering a community united by their love for martial arts.


1 x NSW States 3rd Place 2017

1 x QLD States 3rd Place 2018

1 x Brisbane QBJJC 3rd Place 2021

1 x Brisbane QBJJC 1st Place 2021

1 x QLD South Pacific 3rd Place 2021

1 x Byron Bay Australian Open No-Gi Champion 2022

1 x QLD State Champion No-Gi 2022

1 x QLD State 2nd Place Gi 2023

1 x South East QLD Championship 2nd Place No-Gi 2024

1 x South East QLD Championship 3rd Place Gi 2024

1x Caloundra Open Gi Champion 2024

1x Caloundra Open Gi 2nd Place No-Gi 2024

Professor Felippe Beltrão

Professor Felippe Beltrao Started his journey on the mats in 1999 training Judo and achieved his black belt in Judo in 2009 and has always been an active competitor since he was young.

Professor Felippe is a Black Belt in  Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Judo and also a personal trainer. 

While pursuing his athlete life was able to finish a business degree and MBA in Business and administration. 

Professor Felippe, is the AFBJJ number on Ranked Black Belt Master in Australia 2023 Gi and Nogi.

Professor Felippe is sponsored by New Zealand Warriors, Body Science, Red Belt Nutrition and Autex Acoustics. 


Australia Ranking 2023 – Number 1 – Gi 

Australia Ranking 2023 – Number 1 – NOGI 

Australia Ranking 2021 – Number 1 – Gi 

Australian National Championship 2023 

2023 – Champion GI 

2nd NOGI

3nd Open GI 

2nd NOGI Open 

1 X Pacific Champion Gi 2023 

1 x National Champion gI 2023 

1 x Judo National Champion 2023 

1 x QLD State Champion No Gi 2023

1 x QLD State Champion Gi 2023

1 x QLD State Champion Gi 2022

1 x Victoria State 2nd Place Open Weight Division 2022 

1 x Victoria State Champion Gi 20222

1 x Australian National Champion Brown Belt Open Weight 2022 

1 x Australian National 2nd Place Brown Belt Gi 2022 

Abu Dhabi Continental Pro – Oceania (AJP) 2020 – Champion

Pan Pacific (IBJJF) 2018 – Champion 2019 – 2nd Place

Australia National Pro (UAEJJF) 2019 – Champion

See All Coach Felippe's Achievements

QLD State

– 2018 – Champion division/ 3rd Open

– 2019 – Champion

– 2020 – Champion

– 2021 – Champion division/Champion Open

BJJ Australian Open

– 2018 – Champion

– 2019 – Champion

– 2020 -Champion division/3rd Open

– Fight Night (invitation) – Super fight 2019 – Champion

East Coast QLD

– 2021 – Champion division/2nd Open

– Classic Pro (Invitation) – Super fight 2021 – Champion

South East QLD

– 2020 – Champion division/ 2nd Open

– 2021 – 2nd Place division/2nd Place Open

South Pacific QLD

– 2018 – Champion

Judo main Achievements:

– 3rd Place – Sydney International Open

– 5th Place – Australia Nationals

– 4x Champion – Brazilian Nationals (kata)

– 3x Champion – Sao Paulo State (Uni games team)

– 2nd Place – Sao Paulo State (Uni)

– 2nd Place Sao Paulo City Championship

– 3rd Place Sao Paulo City Championship

– 3rd Place Sao Paulo Cup

– 3rd Place Kanayama Cup

– 1x Champion AAAOC Cup

– Multiple times champion of local competitions


10-12 Bay St, Southport QLD 4215

Frequently asked questions

Everyone is very welcoming and willing to help beginners.

Just come open minded and willing to learn and remember that getting started it will be hard but hugely rewarding once you commit and embrace the BJJ lifestyle…

Not only form a practical self defence perspective but also for your physical and mental health…

As well as the benefit of joining a great community of people striving to be 1% better everyday.

First check the timetable to see if the class you’re coming to is Gi or No-Gi. For Gi class you can borrow a Gi for your 2x free lessons to try things out. If No-Gi wear board-shorts and a rash vest but make sure your shorts do not have zips as this can damage the mats.

If you’re coming to a Judo class you will need a Gi.

If you’re coming to MMA then wear shorts and a rash vest and bring wrist wraps and your own 12-16 oz gloves.

Besides the clothing you will need a big bottle of water, thongs/sandals and optionally a sweat towel and mouth-guard.

Here is some important etiquette to abide by when joining a class, and also some tips to help your BJJ journey:

  1. Never wear your shoes or thongs/sandals on the mat. Always take these off before stepping on the mat.
  2. Always bow your head when entering or exiting the mat to show respect.
  3. Address the person leading your class as “Professor” if they are a black belt and “Coach” if they are any other belt.
  4. At the start and end of class line up on the edge of the mat in the order or your belt. So getting started as a white belt you will be at the end of the line at the far left facing the mat.
  5. Go for a drink break when the coach/professor announces a drink break.
  6. No profanity on the mat.
  7. When getting started do not use all your strength without any technique, try to go lighter and learn from your more experienced partner. This advances your BJJ faster and prevents injury for yourself and your training partner. 
  8. If you’re rolling and get in the way of a higher belt rolling, stop fighting and get up and out of the way.
  9. Always respect the tap. If you hold a submission and your partner taps physically with their hand, foot or verbally, then let go of the submission immediately.
  10. Breathe. Try to breathe through your nose and control your heartbeat and stay calm. This will let you think about your movements and stop you from gassing out too quickly.

Training BJJ is intense and it will make you fitter and stronger. If you are not already active when starting BJJ, we recommend also doing other types of training to enhance your strength and cardio fitness for BJJ. Many of our coaches are also personal trainers, and they can help you with parallel training for BJJ.

Yes! We have 12 parking spots available but these often fill up quickly before class. Feel free to double park at the entrance but if that space is also full there is plenty of metered parking available on the street.


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